Who Am I?

Hi there! I'm just another weirdo on the internet and full time crackhead. I spend most of my time making music, working on this site, or doomscrolling on LainChan.I'm moving into linux for the first time (I use Arch btw), just trying to say fuck you to the government in as much ways as I can. These include shoplifting, vandalization of government property, and boycotting all mainstream OS but Linux since those have been proved to spy on you.

Why did I come here?

I have run Neocities sites in the past, but those are outdated and It'd be too much of a hassle to edit all the files there, so I started from scratch! I am also obssessed with the early internet aesthetic which is my main inspiration on my projects, which range from new songs for the SoundCloud to coding projects! I didn't like the whole charade of selling a character for social media points, so I made myself my own little home inside of the Wired, whre I can truly show all my interests as raw as they are.

Wait u never told us ur name?

As corny as it sounds, my name isn't important. I don't even know what I want to do in this world, let alone my identity, so for now just call me Jigai, as that's what I go by in most online circles.