I have no filter, so don't be surprised if you see some true schizo shit!

6/3/2023: Sorry for no updates for a while. long story short the principal found my delsym and weed pen so i got suspended. school year's already over so i really don't mind tbh. actually sorta fun scavenging to see what you can use the wired with and not get caught.

5/23/23: I gotta figure out where the fuck to hide my vape now my parents would kill me lol.

5/22/23: Just faced 3 blinkers nigga i'm fried

5/20/23:i have realized that the most ideal version of myself is a version of myself that simply doesn't exist. a me that doesn't exist isn't capable of being a burden to everyone around me. I know my parent's would cry, but they are tears i don't deserve. I don't need a physical body anyway....

5/19/23: My gf said she doesn't want to date anymore because she's aromantic. She literally didn't even feel anything why the fuck I am crying on my bed why can't i be a normal fucking person and move the fuck on. I keep falling for the same fucking tricks and it's pissing me off. not mad at her, (not a lot) but at me for being fucking stupid and crying for a 3 day fling.

5/18/23: Just stole some takis for my gf and a monster. Also grabbed some delsym cuz im a fiend lol

5/17/23: So I have a gf now... Honestly don't know how but goddamn it I love her :)

5/12/23:I'm drunk as fuuuuck rn. Like I'm big chilling man i fucking in the clouds wit gramps

5/7/23: New $uicideBoy$!!!!

5/3/23: I'm getting a mental health evaluation tommorrow. I know my parents are just trying to help me, and I thank them for it, but I don't want to just be labeled something and then put on debilating drugs. I've been hearing music that isn't there... Not often, but enough times for me to be concerned. For example, I couldn't sleep last night because I kept hearing some sort of Atmospheric pad like the ones I put in my songs. It sounds nice, but at the same time it makes me feel crazy. But who isn't crazy now a days?

4/29/23: So I made this website today. The idea is a result of one of my many micro-obseessions (shit I obsess over for a week max then forget about it). This one specifically is about Serial Experiments Lain and the old internet. Something about the lack of restriction on what you can and can't say really appeals to me. I suppose it's because most of the "internet" nowadays is just corporate garbage.