Dextromethorphan (DXM)

Please read this first!

DXM is an over the coutner cough medicine that when taken in huge amounts, can get you high. The high varies greatly from dosage to dosage. However, there is a basic guideline to how much is necessary for specific effects, or PLateus.


Please make sure the only ingedredient in the cough med you're getting is dxm and dxm ONLY. even a small OD of acetaminophen can cause your liver to shut down. With that out of the way, have a safe trip!

Trip Reports


I took half a bottle of robitussin and my friend took the other half before going to school. It only took until second period for us to have lost our minds, as we had no tolerance. I couldn't even read the paragraph because I couldn't stop giggling. during third my split class was watching Toy Story and it felt way too interesting. After that, I popped two Adderalls (15MG), and that's when the real fun started. The adderall eliminated the drowsiness from DXM but still kept the dissassociation. According to my other friend I couldn't even walk straight.