>Serial Experiments Lain

>Why it's awesome

  • Philosophical show about the advances of technology and its consequences. Watching it all at once must be an absolute mindfuck
  • Cool OST and a gold mine for breakcore samples.
  • The opening slaps.


Lain is a middle school girl who mysterously gets an email from a classmate who recently committed suicide. When she opens the email, the girl, Chisa, says that she is still alive in the wired (their version of the internet), and that she just got rid of her physical body. The next day, her and some classmates go to an underground club named Cyberia, where a crazed shooter high off the drug known as Accela, which makes your brain operate 12 times faster, goes on a rampage. Lain walks up to the man and says that everything is connected no matter where he goes. which causes him to shoot himself. (That's as far as I got lol)